About Hans Einar Johannessen

 Born 1956 in Haugesund/ Norway as youngest son of Dorli and Idar Johannessen

Started with Photography in 1963 when I got my first camera, a Kodak Brownie 127. Developed first film same year at my fathers Photostudio; Foto Idar a.s. First pictures with Hasselblad C500 same summer in Austria.

1965 Agfa Karat half frame camera.

1967 Nikkormat / Contax

1972 Konica Autoreflex T / T2 /T3 

1976 Started to study Photography in West Berlin Konica Autoreflex T3N, T4, Mamyia C330, Linhof Technika

1979 Return to Norway after finished studies. Working full-time at my fathers studio. Mamyia RB67, RZ67, Hasselblad C500,EL/M500, SWC, Konica T4, FT1, Linhof Technika

1981 Master in Haugesund/Norway

1983 Co-founded Haugaland Fotoklubb with Erik Lie Johannessen and Bernt Olav Kallevik 

1992 Won Agfa-Geavart Prize and went to Munich.

1991 Own company Fotografmesteren Hans Einar Johannessen

1994-1998 Studying Education, Germanistic, and International studies at Stord/Haugesund, Stavanger and Eisenstad (Austria)

1996 First soloexhebition in Eisenstadt

2004 Cityphotographer for the year 2004 in Haugesund Contax N digital Contax 645, Hasselblad Mamyia

2005 Closed shop, and became a full-time teacher

2006 Working freelance for publishers in Europe. Art, Documentation, Portrait

Now mainly working with Nikon digital and Plaubel Makina + Contax 645 analog

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